What is Real MPG?

Most of the people thought that; official factory mpg data is the true fuel consumption rate of the vehicle. Unfortunately, this is a big mistake. We are going to give the correct information to clear the dark clouds in your mind. “What is Real MPG?” article is the easiest way to find out the truths about MPG.


What is the Real MPG?

Most of the automobile manufacturers making analyses on vehicles about their MPG Rate. However, these values are calculating in proper conditions and ideal circumstances. This process applying on every type of vehicle with same order in laboratories. So, they are not related with the real life conditions. If you are looking for the real fuel cost of your vehicle, we advise you to stay away from the factory data and car magazines. If you are lucky, these numbers can be slightly similar with the real mpg numbers of your vehicle. We already have knowledge about this problem. But nothing changes for car manufacturers. They are still trying to raise mileage performance of the car by announcing extremely efficient MPG numbers. As a solution, websites like us offer their users the opportunity to share their fuel consumption data. They are creating a database by collecting these real MPG data. As an alternative way to learn real MPG, you can use internet which contains a lot of websites with real MPG data.


In addition to this information, you should carefully investigate the actual fuel consumption and make comparisons with different vehicles before buying a car. Because, it is also possible to calculate lower mile per gallon in different engine varieties of the same vehicle. Because of the criteria such as wind resistance and mass of the vehicle, lower fuel consumption can be seen in lower volume engines. Also, it is also possible to see lower fuel consumption in higher volume engines.


Calculating Real MPG

To calculate the correct values and provide accurate information to the drivers, the test equipment is connected to the exhaust of the test vehicle. Then this car test on predetermined routes at different speed levels and road conditions. This equipment analyses the gases which released from the vehicle's exhaust during the test and calculates the real MPG. At the end of the test, this equipment combines all this information and calculates the real MPG value of the vehicle. Also, it creates a relevant database to record the progress.


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