Understanding Concept Cars

They are cool, they are futuristic, and they are our future! We are talking about concept cars in this article. Every year, car brands manufacturing some cars which called as “concept cars”. You might think that they are useless or waste of money for the corporations. However, this idea is a common mistake among people. These cars are the important experiments for the car brands. Let’s take a closer look to these fascinating structures.


What is a Concept Car?

A concept car is the sign of the brand about future. The path they walk about the automotive industry, their vision about the pioneer designs comes to life with these cars. Many of the manufacturers exhibits their concept cars at the popular auto shows to reflect their perspective about the future of automotive industry. Also, some of the concept cars might include advanced technologies for show off. Manufacturers love to add little surprises to their designs.  On the other hand, these cars are not mass production material for the manufacturers. They are even sometimes made of standard plastic or Styrofoam.


Why Concept Cars?

Usually, manufacturers using concept cars to improve themselves about their mistakes. Some undesirable failures on some car models might be fixed by evaluating feedbacks about concept cars. They can change the failed model’s design features with the positive and futuristic features of concept cars. In other words, concept cars are the magic wands of car brands.


Who is the First One?

Understanding Concept Cars

Many concept cars have been produced throughout history. However, the first one was the famous Buick Y-Job which has been produced by American automobile manufacturer General Motors Company. It has been produced in late 30’s. It provided a useful enlightment for Buick designers about the future.


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