Suspension 101

As we all know, suspensions are the essential parts for a comfortable and safe drive. However, we don’t focus on these important parts unless they are broken. In this article, we are going to focus on the mechanical structure of the suspensions. Also, we are going to examine the inner parts of the suspension system.


What is a Suspension?

Many of people might think that they are just providing a comfortable driving experience. However, the truth is completely different. The main idea behind the suspension is connecting vehicle to the road with a perfect connection. It is a part which controls the vehicle. While turning steering wheel or for a short brake reaction, the suspension performance has got a huge importance. On the other hand, suspension has got a big efficiency on comfort too. On different road circumstances, suspension providing a comfortable and safe driving experience to the driver and passengers. Bumps or holes are the main enemies of the suspensions. They decrease the negative effects of these obstacles and protects the vehicle.


Parts of the Suspension

Our first important part is the springs. They have different types which can be adapted to the different sized vehicles. They directly effect the comfort of the vehicle. Second one is shock absorber. Their performance might affect the safety. A broken shock absorber might cause different situations such as; low grip, brake loose etc. The third part is wheel suspension lever. They are the main connection between shock absorber and chassis. They decrease the collision effects which caused by the road circumstances. Stabilizer is the fourth part of the suspension. It prevents the skid and stabilize the vehicle on the road. Finally, wish bones and tie rods are the fifth part of the suspension system. Tie rods connects the axle to the wish bone. Thanks to this connection, tires attaches perfectly with axle.


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