Original or Sub-Industry?

We use our vehicles regularly for various jobs every day. However, sometimes careless driving can cause various damages on our vehicles. In order to avoid these damages, we need to drive and maintain our vehicles regularly. Despite these requirements, auto parts prices in the market do not help us much. The result is a single question on the driver's mind. Original auto parts or sub-industry auto parts? In this article we are going to examine this topic under three main categories to clear your mind.

Original or Sub-Industry?

Function of the Parts

First, we need to look at the function of the part to be replaced on the vehicle. As you can imagine, if the sub-industry parts are not well selected, they may create security weakness. However, this perspective does not apply to every part. Some parts of the vehicle do not use electronic or mechanical systems. The fact that these parts are sub-industry does not endanger the safety of the driver and the passenger. In addition, it can make you save a lot of money. However, as a disadvantage, it may have a shorter life time than the original materials. Because the materials produced are not as durable as the original material.

Original or Sub-Industry?

Warranty of the Vehicle

Secondly, another issue that drivers need to pay attention to is the warranty period. The vehicles are guaranteed by the brand for a period of time after leaving the factory. If the warranty period of your vehicle has not expired, you can replace it without any charge in the authorized service department if you have any problems with any part of your vehicle. However, if your vehicle's warranty period has expired, then things will become difficult for you. In the case of vehicles whose warranty period has expired, a replacement at an authorized garage may cause too much expense. The main reason for this is that they use original parts and charge labour for professional personnel. To be conclude, if the warranty of your vehicle continues, always choose an authorized dealer. If the warranty has expired, you can have your vehicle checked by a service workshop you trust.

Original or Sub-Industry?

Age of the Vehicle

The age of the vehicle is one of the most important factors that drivers should be aware of when choosing parts. Especially in old vehicles whose warranty period is over, the selection of parts should be done very carefully. Because these parts may not give the desired performance even if they are original or sub-industry. On the contrary, no matter how much you replace the parts, you usually have problems with a different part on classical and old vehicles. Therefore, the construction and quality of the part must be seriously considered in such vehicles. On the other hand, the prices of parts in the new generation vehicles are generally changing in terms of whether they are licensed or not. Although using licensed and original parts always gives confidence in the new generation vehicles, not all drivers have the opportunity to do so due to the current prices. Regional factors come into play at this point. In today's automobile market, vehicle parts prices vary from region to region. Vehicle parts belonging to brands manufactured in Europe stand out as the most expensive parts at this point. That is why drivers who are driving the next generation cars of most famous brands are turning to sub-industry parts after the warranty period is over.


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