Most Famous Auto Shows

There are many car related events around the world. However, the most important and popular ones are car fairs. If we take a short look at the history of the car fairs, the first fair was organized by Automobile Club of France (ACF) in 1898 at Les Tuiliers in Paris. The interesting part of this fair is that not all cars are allowed to be a part of the fair. The most important requirement was that the vehicle could travel between Versailles and Paris without any problem. After this fair, the size and concept of car fairs changed over time. In this article, we are going to look at the most famous car fairs and concepts which organized in recent years.

Most Famous Auto Shows

1.) Frankfurt Motor Show

Frankfurt Motor Show or in German language “Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung” is the most popular car fair in the automotive industry. The history of the fair which dating back to 1800’s also makes this fair one of the oldest. The fair is organized every year with two different concepts. The fair in Hannover has a commercial vehicle concept, while the fair in Frankfurt hosts passenger cars.

Most Famous Auto Shows

2.) International Geneva Motor Show

The city of Geneva has become a popular destination for many different organizations and events around the world. One of the most important and popular ones is the International Geneva Motor Show. The fair is organizing annually in March at the Palexpo fairground in Geneva. Hundreds of companies are coming to the city to show their vehicles to thousands of visitors.

Most Famous Auto Shows

3.) Paris Motor Show

Paris! The city of lovers! The city's elegant structure and sparkling streets make it a centre of attraction. Also, Paris Motor Show stands out among others as the world's first car show. Therefore, companies come to the fair to exhibit their most special and different designs to the guests. Although the main theme of the fair is on concept vehicles, many different types of vehicles are exhibited at the fair.

Most Famous Auto Shows

4.) North American International Auto Show

North American International Auto Show is one of the most popular car fairs in the North American continent. The fair which is organizing in Detroit, welcomes thousands of guests every year at the Cobo Center fairground. The event also hosts the "Car of the Year" awards. Therefore, it has an important place in the automotive industry. Most of the North American companies are exhibiting their new vehicles at this fair.

Most Famous Auto Shows

5.) Tokyo Motor Show

Tokyo is one of the most crowded cities in the world. On the other hand, Japan has one of the most developed economies in the world. When all these facts combine, a very strong fair like Tokyo Motor Show emerges. For this reason, the largest companies in the world participate in the fair. Although the vehicles exhibited are mainly conceptual vehicles, many vehicles are introduced to the world thanks to the wide media and thousands of guests.


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