Is the Diesel Engine Era Coming to an End?

As a general opinion, Diesel engines known as an efficient and economical engine type when we compare it with the standard gas type engine. However, this idea losing his popularity nowadays. World Health Organization (WHO) recently announced some annoying details about the diesel engines. According to the official reports; a diesel engine is more harmful than cigarette for human health. This hypothesis also supported by official statistics and data. But how this useful engine turned into a poison machine in time? We are going to take a closer look to the details about this subject in our article.


What is Wrong with Diesel Engines?

When automotive industry first met with diesel engine, they didn’t see anything wrong with it. At 1892, Rudolf Diesel was the inventor of the diesel engine. Throughout time, they did some improvements on that engine and finally, Mercedes-Benz introduced 260D model which is the first diesel automobile in the industry. In time, diesel engines became popular in industry. Their fuel efficiency was perfect, but they were too noisy and inadequate for high performance. With the turbo technology, this problem solved easily by the manufacturers. Then till our era, Diesel engines known as a successful result of the green technology advancement thanks to their low fuel consumption and low carbon dioxide rate. However, the main point to focus about the diesel engines was not the carbon dioxide or fuel consumption. It was the Nitrous Oxide which is much more harmful than the carbon dioxide. Under experiment conditions, the engine was releasing Nitrous Oxide lower than the recommended gas release levels. Nevertheless, the real life driving performance was dramatically different. Nitrous Oxide release rate was reaching to the unacceptable levels at the daily driving cases. Also, the famous Dieselgate scandal proved that some big companies such as; Volkswagen cheated on the data which they announced about the emission rates of their diesel model. This scandal caused a lot of headache at the Volkswagen Company. They were sentenced to very heavy penalties about what they did by EPA. In addition to that, they had a serious damage about their prestige. They recalled a lot of vehicle because of their emission problem.


Banned from the Countries

Across the world, a lot of countries and cities are banning or using strict regulations against car models which use diesel engine type. Regulations are not flexible. If one of the diesel engines does not proper for the regulations of that city or country, it won’t have a chance to get into that country or city. Here is a list of some examples;


  • United Kingdom: Sadiq Khan who is the new mayor of the London announced that; they are going to apply some strict regulations about the dangerous Nitrous Oxide sources.


  • China: Government launched the encouragement policy about the Hybrid and Electrical vehicles officially. They accepted the law which makes Hybrid and Electrical vehicles tax free.


  • India: Diesel vehicles banned from the New Delhi immediately.


  • Netherlands: Government has banned the sale of diesel or gas engine powered vehicles in the country after the year of 2025.


In addition to that list, some vehicle manufacturers like; Volvo, FCA (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles) officially announced that; they are going to end the production of diesel vehicles gradually. To be conclude, electric is the best hope for the future. Most of the automotive industry rescheduling their future on electrical or hybrid vehicles. Because of that, we believe that diesel engines are going to lose their popularity in a close future.


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