Humvee's Success

They can work anywhere! They are tough and reliable. Yeah, we're talking about the Humvees, one of the most important vehicles in the United States army! This vehicle has been used for many years in important military positions and has never disappointed the soldiers. Although many alternatives are produced in the world over time, Humvee is still considered as one of the most durable and most effective land vehicles in military history. In this article, we are going to examine the reasons of the Humvee's success.

Humvee's Success

Designing Phase

Humvee's design process began in the late 70’s as a part of the HMMWV (High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle) project. The design of the vehicle was specially prepared for the transportation of soldiers and light ammunition to the front lines, especially in areas where the US military was involved. Many different prototypes which prepared by the AM General were tested by the US army. The engineers in the AM General made various changes in the design of the vehicle according to the demands of the US army. Finally, in the early 80s, the army and government agreed to use the latest prototype and approved the latest Humvee design. The increasing production and demand over time made the Humvees a very important light armoured vehicle for the American army. The first Humvees had no armour protection. However, strong structure of the vehicle allowed the troops to return to the base without any casualties or injury. In addition to that, various conflicts over time in the battlefield have played an important role in changing the design of the vehicle. While the army demanded strengthening of the vehicle's armour, various attacks against the soldiers caused some unexpected changes, such as replacing the vehicle's windows with bullet-proof windows. Also, the company integrated many innovations such as limiting the emission rate, air conditioning, electronic transmission and increasing the capacity of the vehicle to adapt to changing conditions. These innovations provided better working conditions for the soldiers.

Humvee's Success

Technical Features

If we take a look at the technical features of the Humvee, we can easily understand why it is still one of the most successful military vehicles. The Humvee is designed to provide the most efficient service even under the most difficult conditions. Thanks to its 4x4 drive structure, Humvee can easily adapt to various terrain conditions. The Humvee powered by an 8 cylindered 6.5 litre diesel engine, which is capable of generating 150 horsepower. In addition to this feature, it can operate at 30 inches water depth without any equipment. With the necessary equipment, this depth can reach up to 60 inches. The total weight of the vehicle is close to 2.3 tons. However, various armour and weapon variations mounted on the vehicle may cause weight changes.


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