How to Store Car Tyres?

Tyres are inseparable parts of the cars. We are periodically changing them because their condition can affect the performance of the vehicle. But do you know how to store your car tyres properly? We are going to give some tips about this subject in the article.


About the Car Tyres

Depending on the changing seasons, we need to change our car tyres periodically. Even if the tyre looks in good condition, a car tyre has got ten years average service life. But this situation doesn’t mean that we are not going to use our old tyres again. When we remove the old ones, we have to storage them in a proper place until the next time we use them. When we protect our old tyres with the correct storage method, they will provide a high performance driving experience. However, inappropriate storage conditions might decrease the performance of your tyres.


What are the Proper Storage Conditions for a Car Tyre?


  • Naturally ventilated, dry and cool environment is the perfect place to storage car tyres.


  • If tyres storage at an open area, cover the tyres with protective materials such as; cloth or special cases.


  • Tyres should not contact with the sunlight and ultraviolet lights directly.


  • Also, tyres should not contact with radiator surface or heat pipes which cause disruptions on tyre’s surface.


  • One of the most important facts is the environment temperature. It must be under 95 °F for an ideal storage environment.


  • Tyres should not stay in same position continuously while storing. They need to be turn into different positions to prevent deformity.


  • Finally, they need to be storage away from flammable and chemical matters such as; Hydrocarbons and Solvent.


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