How to Remove Dust on the Rims?

Rust is an enemy for the rims. Their occurrence on a rim set is a threat to your vehicle. Their chemical structure might consume the metal and damage to your rims. As a result of that; your safety might be in danger. However, by following these steps you can easily destroy this enemy. We are going to provide a practical guide to you about how to remove rust on the rims!

How to Remove Dust on the Rims?

First Step: Pre-Cleaning

Requirements: Soap-Water Mixture and Brush

Before starting to the main removing phase, try to clean the rims with a soap and water mix. You can also use some cleaning products to mix with water. However, pay attention to the amount of product while adding it. After that, by using a brush you can gently remove the dirt on the rims. When you finished wait till, they are completely dry. Then you can wipe them by using a towel which mixed with alcohol.

How to Remove Dust on the Rims?

Second Step: Removing Phase

Requirements: Wire Brush, Rust Remover and Steel Wool

In this phase; start gently rubbing the rusted are by using wire brush. Do not force it unconsciously or you might damage your own rim while trying to clean it. Determine the amount of rust on the rims and apply a force which is proper for that. You can use a good amount of remover on some thick rusted areas. You may need to apply some more power on that areas too. However, if you realise that the rust seems on everywhere on the rim, you should understand that, that rim is useless. It might endanger your safety on the road. As a last touch, you can use steel wool or some soft towel to polish and shine the rim.

How to Remove Dust on the Rims?

Last Step: Protection

Requirements: Rust Protector or Anti-Rust Paints

When you finally cleaned the rust on your rims, wipe them with alcohol by using a towel. Before applying protection, you are going to need a clean and smooth surface. Then, you can apply the rust protector or anti-rust paint for protection. When it is completely dry do the same things one more time. Here it is! You have got clean and rust free rims! 


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