How to Increase Fuel Economy?

Gas stations are the modern time loan sharks of our era. As much as fuel prices raise, we pay more and more money to them for fuel. However, you don’t have to pay that much anymore. By using these helpful tips, you can easily increase your fuel economy and save a lot of money for other things rather than fuel cost. Here is an article about important points of increasing fuel economy.


Treat Your Car Well

Make sure that; your vehicle’s tire pressure set to the standard pressure level which is recommended by the manufacturer. It might change for each model and vehicle class. So, check them periodically. Proper tire pressure can improve fuel economy %3.3. Using officially recommended engine oil is another fact which can improve your engine performance. Also, this situation can reflect to your fuel economy positively. Do you feel heavy? If your answer is yes, then get rid of that unnecessary loads. Light weight vehicle is always better for a successful fuel efficiency. Throw away that junks which causing extra consumption. In addition to that, fill your vehicle’s fuel tank with right type of gas. To choose the correct one you can follow the official instructions which is provided by the manufacturer. Do not forget that; the price or grade of the gas does not affect the fuel economy performance. Just use the recommended one and it will run your vehicle perfectly. Finally, when you change your engine oil, always check out the air filter. If it is blocked by some obstacles your engine might have power loss. Using a clean air filter can affect your fuel consumption up to %10.


Change Your Perspective About Driving

Maintaining your vehicle periodically might seem fair enough for a fuel efficient driving experience. However, this method is not the only way to increase your fuel economy. Also, you can increase your fuel efficiency rate by changing your perspective about driving. What do I mean by changing your perspective? You can increase fuel economy with some simple changes in your daily life. For example; multiple visits to the necessary places in once can be a good solution. Do not use your cars for each place in different times of the day. In addition to that, use your body to travel sometimes. If the target destination is close enough to walk, just walk or use alternative vehicles such as; bicycle or public transportation. Finally, choose cool and chill mornings to fill your tank. Fuel’s chemical structure is denser when the environment is cold. Because of that, you can save a good amount of money and buy more gas for your fuel tank.


Be a Wise Driver

Being a wise driver is not cheating at the traffic. It is focusing on your knowledge about the shortcuts which provide basic benefits to the driver while driving. First one is turning off your engine. In cases such as; waiting for a traffic light or waiting for your mother in front of the door. Turn off your engine. You can also use some useful features of the latest generation cars such as; Start & Stop Feature. It can be a useful tactic in daily city life for a better fuel economy. Also, do not push the throttle to the limits. Your engine will use more power and more fuel to meet your expectations about acceleration. So, it will cause more fuel consumption. You can prevent this problem by accelerating and braking softly. By this way, you can extend your vehicle’s mileage and lifetime of your brakes. Moreover, here is an interesting fact for you. Do you know the open windows are the enemy of your fuel tank? When your vehicle’s windows down, the air circulation causes more air friction and it might force your engine to produce more and more power to keep the current performance. This problem might cost %10 decrease for your fuel economy. Especially at the extra urban usage such as; Highways. Finally, just be slow. To be honest, I know driving your vehicle fast gives some satisfaction. But if you spend two minutes for slowing down, you will see the difference. This simple move can give you extra 4 MPG for your journey. If you follow these steps, you will see the positive change on your dashboard.


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