How to Decide Convenient Tire Pressure?

Tire pressure is a decisive factor which highly affects your vehicle’s fuel consumption, tire lifetime and your safety on the road. Have you ever asked yourself “which is the proper tire pressure for my vehicle?”. We are going to help you with this “How to Decide Convenient Tire Pressure?” article.


How to Check Tire Pressure?

There are two ways to check it out properly. First one is the pressure gauge of the air compressor. You can find it in every auto service. Second one is the pressure gauge which can be find at every gas station. First, press on the valve with the pressure gauge and look at the display screen of the pressure gauge. Compare the pressure ratio with the official pressure ratio of your car. If they don’t match, increase or decrease the tire pressure by using air pump. You must drive your vehicle when all the tires have same pressure ratio. If you realize an unusual pressure decrease in your tire, you better check it out before driving your vehicle again.


For Long Lasting Tires

If the tire pressure of your vehicle is not at the proper levels, this problem might create deformation on the tire sidewalls. This situation probably affects your tire’s lifetime negatively. However, you can find the proper pressure ratio on the official tire pressure table which is providing by the manufacturer companies. Next step after the proper tire pressure is Tire Rotation. This simple process can be described as; moving back tires to the front and front tires to the back of your vehicle periodically in 7450 miles. The reason of this process is the deformation which can be seen heavily on front tires of the front wheel drive vehicles.


Reading the Air Pressure Table Correctly

Each manufacturer’s air pressure table is different. Because of that, they use different units on each table. For example, the Bar and PSI units. This kind of unit differences might be confusing for us. So, you can use unit converters on the internet or you can easily find some applications on Apple Store or Google Play Store about this subject.


Relationship Between Tire Size and Fuel Consumption

Does changing tire size affect the fuel consumption rate? Yes, it does. Because, tire’s contact area to the road will increase as tire size increases. This means, more friction and more grip on the road. However, it can affect your fuel economy negatively.


Storing Tires

Even if their purposes are different, all the tires made of rubber. That’s why, we shouldn’t let our tires directly contact with sunlight. Also, storage environment must be above 50 °F and tires shouldn’t directly contact with the chemical matters. On the other hand, tires should be storage differently when the rims are attached to them. First, they shouldn’t be storage vertically and separately. They should be storage by hanging or overlapping.


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