How Much Money Does Truck Drivers Make?

Every day we drive our vehicles for different purposes. We usually drive them for short distances or short time. However, some people doing more than that with their huge monsters. This is their lifestyle and they are doing their job with passion. Yeah, we are talking about the truck drivers! We watch their life on documentaries etc. On the other hand, we don’t know how much they earn for this job. In this article, we are going to focus on “How Much Money Does Truck Drivers Made?” subject. Maybe it can be your dream job too huh?



1.) Solo OTR Drivers

They are the lonely cowboys of the truck world. Their personal skills and truck details might affect their wage on each business. They choose their own business with a good percentage. Also, they can work for a big corporation too. As a result of that, their average wage is between 35.000 and 40.000$


2.) Team OTR Drivers

If a driver got a buddy with common interest such as truck driving, this is just perfect for this type! As you can understand from the name, we need two people to create a team. When a driver gets tired, he or she can change the driver seat with their teammate. By using this team advantage, they can add some seriously long distances to their ordinary routes. It will also increase the safety of their journey. When we focus on the average wage, their wage seems like 125.000$.


3.) Owner or Operator

They say, if you want to do something different, be your own boss. Some drivers following these words. Their experience about this industry providing a source to create their own business. They can optionally build their own fleet or create a small enterprise for beginning. Thus, they can earn bigger wages than any other driver in the truck industry.


Profit Mines in USA

For truck drivers, there are some special locations for the best business in industry. We researched and find out that the Alaska at the first place with 60.000$ average potential. At the second place, we can see New York with 52.000$. North Dakota is the third state as a potential profit mine for truck drivers with 50.000$. Lastly, Nevada follows them with a 48.000$ potential profit rate. For truck drivers, these places are like the main points of interest in whole country. If you want to be a successful truck driver, you should check them out definitely!


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