Four Tips For the Easy Fuel Economy

Are you looking for a shortcut to save some money? Are you tired to pay money for fuel cost? Then this article is just for you! We are going to help you for a better fuel economy with this simple trick. These four tips for easy fuel economy going to make your day better!


Step 1: Get Rid of Unnecessary Loads

It is easy to make a positive impact on fuel efficiency with some simple moves. Don’t you believe it? Then check out your trunk immediately. You are going to see that; there are some unnecessary stuff which you don’t use in your daily life. These kind of loads makes your vehicle heavier than ever and increasing fuel consumption. Even if you just throw them away for 62 miles, you are going to see the difference on your dashboard. An official ADAC research proved that; a car which loaded with heavy cargo consumes 2 liter more fuel than the empty one in 62 miles. So, don’t be lazy and get rid of unnecessary loads on your car.


Step 2: Adjust Your Navigation System Properly

Navigation systems might provide fuel saving. Some navigation brands are providing live traffic information simultaneously and creating alternative routes. Also, you can easily create your own route manually to prevent a potential traffic jam on your daily track. Listening radio programmes which report live traffic status can be useful too.


Step 3: Gas Saving Modifications

A lot of manufacturers are promising a good amount of fuel saving and consumption decrease with some modifications. Some expensive modifications might meet with your expectations. By using this kind of modifications, you can gain some power for your engine. But you must be careful when you press the gas pedal for a better fuel efficiency.


Step 4: Useful Vehicle Technologies

You can follow these simple instructions about vehicle technologies for a better fuel economy;

  • Change Your Air Filter Periodically: A clogged filter might cause power loss and air circulation loss on your engine. Because of that you must change air filter periodically.


  • Use Low Frictional Engine Oil: 0W oil types decrease the friction rate and provide %3 fuel save when you use them regularly.


  • Increase the Tire Pressure: Even if the +0.5 PSI decreases the comfort, it can affect the fuel consumption positively.


  • Do not Use Wide Based Tyres: Always remember that; as much as tire contacts with road, fuel consumption rate increases too.


  • Close the Extra Features: Do not use devices such as; Air Conditioner, Seat Heaters etc. if it is not necessary. These devices use a good amount of energy which you are trying to save.


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