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2020 Ford Edge MPG, Milleage

2020 Ford Edge MPG

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2019 Ford Edge MPG

2018 Ford Edge MPG, Milleage

2018 Ford Edge MPG

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2017 Ford Edge MPG

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2016 Ford Edge MPG

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2015 Ford Edge MPG

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2014 Ford Edge MPG

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2013 Ford Edge MPG

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2012 Ford Edge MPG

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2011 Ford Edge MPG

2010 Ford Edge MPG, Milleage

2010 Ford Edge MPG

We are going to talk about Ford Edge. We will examine Ford Edge model under three main categories such as; Ford Edge MPG, Ford Edge Features and Does Ford Edge Suit You? Before starting to the analysis, I would love to give some general information about the Ford Edge. It is a four doored, Mid-Size Crossover SUV which is manufacturing by the American automobile manufacturer Ford Motor Company. It is firstly introduced in 2006 Detroit Motor Show. Edge model had two generation throughout years. The current generation of Edge assembling in Ontario, Canada.


Ford Edge MPG

Now, we will focus on fuel economy for a proper Gas mileage of Ford Edge analysis. By comparing the different engine details, we are analysing the vehicle’s fuel efficiency under two categories such as; The Most Economical One and The Most Powerful One. Ford Edge has got two standard engine type such as; 2.0L and 2.7L. First, we are going to start with the most economical one which is; 2.0L. It is a four cylindered, 2.0 L sized, Gas type engine which produces 245 Horsepower and 275 ft-lbs Torque. According to the official factory Ford Edge fuel consumption data, 2.0L has got a 22 MPG in Urban usage. However, this Mile Per Gallon raising to 29 MPG in Extra Urban usage such as; Highways or Long-Distance Trip. When we gather these two official factory data, we get a 25 real MPG performance. Secondly, let’s focus on the most powerful one which is; 2.7L. It is a six cylindered, 2.7 L sized, Gas type engine which produces 335 Horsepower and 380 ft-lbs Torque. 2.7L has got a 19 MPG in Urban usage. Moreover, this performance raising to 26 MPG in Extra Urban usage. When we combine these two official factory fuel economy data, we get 21 real MPG result.


Ford Edge Features

In second part of the article, we are going to talk about the features of the Ford Edge. When we analyse the exterior design of the Ford Edge, the sportive design of the Edge perfectly integrating into the classy SUV body lines. Moreover, aerodynamic details of the body design matching with the iconic grille lines. Also, full LED headlights providing a clear vision under low light conditions. When we focus on the interior design, the ergonomic design details providing a comfortable driving experience to the driver. The first-class leather details make cabin more luxury and attractive. Then, we are moving to the technological features of the Ford Edge under two main categories such as; Comfort Assistance Technologies and Driving Safety Technologies. First, Comfort Assistance Technologies such as; Steering Wheel-Mounted Paddle Shifters, Wireless Charging Pad and Ford Co-Pilot 360 offering a comfortable travel experience to the passengers and driver. Secondly, Driving Safety Technologies such as; BLIS Cross Traffic Alert, Lane Keeping System, Pre-Collision Assist, Adaptive Cruise Control and Enhanced Active Park Assist System making Ford Edge more reliable and stable.


Does Ford Edge Suit You?

Finally, when we examine all these features about Ford Edge, I can say that it is an attractive SUV when we compare it with other vehicles. It seems like Ford Edge has got all details you expected. Premium segmental design, unique fuel efficiency and performance connection and highly beneficial technological features Ford Edge perfectly suit you!

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