There is a detail that catches your attention when you see a vehicle's promotional video or any advertisement. Euro NCAP rating. The Euro NCAP rating for a car brand is one of the most important details. If any model of a brand gets a failed result from this assessment, it may be a shame for the manufacturer brand. In this article, we are going to focus on how Euro NCAP is established and developed.


Establishment Phase

The institution was established in the late 90s to assess the reliability of vehicles in Europe. Euro NCAP, which was strongly supported by manufacturers and customers at that time, started to rise rapidly in the market with test techniques and methods. The organization has acted so successfully over time that even though they did not have to, the brands continued to send their vehicles for evaluation. As a result, although the organization was established only for Europe, many countries around the world began to follow the results of the organization.


Testing Methods

In the first years of the organization's tests, even the most famous vehicles of that period were failing tests. Over time, manufacturers began to design new generation vehicles by taking Euro NCAP criteria in account. As a result of that fact, significant success was achieved in the vehicle tests evaluated after the millennium year. The testing phase consists of several experiments. Although these experiments have changed over time, the concept has generally remained same. Specialists are applying many tests to the vehicles as a part of the assessment, such as a frontal impact test, side impact test, pole impact test and seat test to test neck injury in the event of a rear impact. In addition to these, experts also applying tests to the vehicle about environmental factors such as pedestrian crash testing. However, in recent years there have been ideas in the automotive industry that Euro NCAP tests are not as reliable as before. Developing safety technologies and test methods that cannot adapt to the present day can be shown to cause this situation. Of course, these are just different ideas mentioned. We will see what Euro NCAP will do in the future.


Evaluation System


1 Star Rating: The lowest possible protection score. Indicates that the vehicle is extremely unsafe.


2 Star Rating: Protection score is insufficient for traffic. It doesn't have any technology to provide protection and evading from a possible impact.


3 Star Rating: Average protection score. The protection features of the vehicle are adequate. However, it does not have the technology to avoid a potential collision.


4 Star Rating: Above average, good protection score. The protection features of the vehicle are adequate for the traffic. It also has additional equipment to avoid collision.


5 Star Rating: Extremely good protection score. The structure of the vehicle is strong enough to protect the passenger in a healthy manner in the event of a collision. At the same time the vehicle has highly reliable avoidance equipment.


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