Digital Side-View Mirrors

Since the cars were first manufactured, the side mirrors have been one of the most important parts of the vehicles. These mirrors are designed for maximum efficiency with a very simple technology. The reflection from the correctly adjusted side mirrors leaves no blind spots around the vehicle. So, you can observe your vehicle's surroundings without obstructions. However, a brand continues to work nowadays to combine this technology with today's modern technology. Yes, we are talking about the Digital Side-View Mirrors of the Lexus!

Digital Side-View Mirrors

How it Works?

Today, technology continues to develop inevitably. Also, some parts of the vehicles are being revised to keep up with this technology. The Lexus brand, a sub-brand of Toyota, also uses the developing technology efficiently by modernizing the side mirrors of the vehicles. The system, which has a very simple technological structure, aims to provide some serious advantages to the drivers. Thanks to the technological camera systems mounted on the vehicle's front doors, the driver's viewing angle is significantly increased compared to traditional mirrors. The external images of these cameras are transferred to the driver via digital display screens in the vehicle. These digital display screens are placed to the practical and accessible locations on the dashboard.

Digital Side-View Mirrors


1.) Difficult Weather Conditions

The new generation digital side-view mirrors are designed to serve better in tough weather conditions such as snow and rain. Compared to traditional mirrors, the advanced camera system and minimal design make it possible to deliver quality images in different weather conditions.


2.) Night View

The new generation mirror technology also stands out with its night vision capabilities. It improves driving safety by providing a clean image to the driver during night driving.


3.) Size

The new generation mirror system, with its shrinking size and new design, ends the mirror problem you have with old mirrors while parking your car. The size and design of the old mirrors limited the car's parking space, and at the same time caused excessive friction while driving. With the new design this problem is eliminated.


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