Biggest Race Organizations

There are many important racing organizations which organized in various locations around the world. However, some of them stand out from the other organizations. In this article we are going to look at some of the most important racing organizations in the world.

Biggest Race Organizations

1.) Formula 1

It is organizing by FIA (Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile) since 1950. F1 is one of the most prestigious track races in the world. This race is held on 21 different tracks and includes 10 different teams. Each team has two vehicles and two different pilots. According to the results of the races held throughout the season, drivers and teams receive certain points. The winner of the season determining by gathering all the points which collected throughout season. Based on these results, drivers and brands receive their awards at the end of the season. In addition to that, F1 has got two different sub-leagues which are Formula 2 and Formula 3 series. They are providing experience to the young and talented drivers. The F1 series requires custom aerodynamic vehicles. The engine systems, tires and even the smallest parts of these vehicles are periodically maintaining during race and at the outside of the track.

Biggest Race Organizations


NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) is actively working since 1947. It is an organization which has North American origin. Because of that it is generally popular in the United States. There are three sub-division in NASCAR which are; Sprint Cup, Nationwide and Craftsman Series. The Nationwide series is preferred by drivers who cannot participate in the Sprint Cup or for beginners in the NASCAR series. Lastly, the Craftsman series is a race where trucks are preferred. According to tournament rules, the points of the top 12 pilots in the last 10 stages are equalized and compete for the cup. Thus, the excitement continues until the last stages and the chance of winning the first place drivers increase. In NASCAR races drivers mainly driving custom made race cars which manufacturing by brands such as; Ford, Chevrolet, Honda, Toyota and Dodge. Also, one of the most popular parts of the race is the famous accidents. Thanks to excellent protection equipment, drivers can get out of the car without any damage.

Biggest Race Organizations

3.) WRC (World Rally Championship)

World Rally Championship is organizing since 1973. WRC is a very popular race on the world, which held in various stages in many different countries. Standard daily vehicles are used in the tournament. That means you can see some vehicles such as; Peugeot 206, Ford Focus, Volkswagen Polo etc. These vehicles modifying properly for the various stages and different road circumstances. These rally cars can reach high performance levels thanks to their engine upgrades. Also, their safety features keep the driver safe during the race.

Biggest Race Organizations

4.) Dakar Rally

It is one of the most dangerous motorsport organizations in the world. Due to the difficult and various road circumstances, Dakar Rally is not a tournament for the amateurs. Usually experienced drivers prefer it for an exciting adventure. Endurance is more important than speed in this race. The route for the race is changed periodically at past. However, it is organizing at South Africa since 2009. The vehicles used in this rally need to be modified to adapt to various road conditions. So, it is not possible to attend this rally with an ordinary vehicle.


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