Autonomous Truck Technology

Truck drivers play a key role in logistics and transportation around the world. However, developing technology in today's world seems to shake this role in the future. New generation autonomous truck technology is the main reason for this. Many automotive companies such as Volvo, Mercedes-Benz and Toyota are working on this project. Although the situation seems to be negative, we can see that this situation can have very positive results when we look at the details. In this article we are going to focus on the details of autonomous truck technology.

Autonomous Truck Technology

Briefly About Autonomous Truck Technology

Have you ever heard of Peloton Technology? They are the company that developed autonomous technology. Peloton Technology which is an American start-up company, develops projects using technology for innovative purposes. The biggest of these innovations was developed on truck industry. The project aims for maximum efficiency in the truck industry. The system has many promises. First of all, one of the biggest promises of the project is significant fuel savings. Thanks to this project, trucks equipped with new generation autonomous technology will save fuel between 7 and 10 thousand dollars annually compared to the old generation trucks. Thus, logistics companies will save hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Secondly, the system also offers a single drive control. The ability of a single driver to manage multiple trucks with remote access within the system will both reduce driver fatigue and maximize driving safety. Finally, thanks to the Automated Following System, trucks are regularly transported in convoys on miles of roads. Trucks can track each other without any problems by using this system. Thus, logistics companies do not spend unnecessary money on extra drivers for extra routes. In light of all these developments, the automotive sector seems to be going in a very positive direction. But the same is hard to say for the truck drivers.


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