3D Dashboard Technology

German electronics giant Bosch continues to improve itself in the automotive field while serving in many areas. With the developing technology in recent years, Bosch is working on a project which is aiming to increase the reflexes and attention level of the drivers. It is 3D Dashboard Technology! In this article, we are going to focus on the details of this advanced innovation.

3D Dashboard Technology

What is the 3D Dashboard Technology?

Head of Bosch Car Multimedia Dr.Steffen Berns explaining the system with these words; “The depth of field means that drivers are able to grasp important visual information more quickly, whether from a help system or a traffic jam alert. The warnings appearing out of the screen are much clearer.”. By analysing these words, we can easily say that 3D Dashboard Technology clearly aiming for more safety in traffic for us.

3D Dashboard Technology

What are the Advantages?

It is providing live and top quality image about the warnings and surroundings of the vehicle. When we compare it with the current digital dashboards, 3D Dashboards seems to be more qualified for effective warning systems such as pedestrian alert and traffic assistant. In addition to that the technology includes other useful applications such as; Crossroad Pre-Caution (which is a system for alerting the driver about a near crossroad and pedestrians before arriving.), Parking Assistant (which goes beyond a little display screen by using Bosch technology. It is planned to provide 3D crystal clear images to the driver while parking their vehicles.) We are sure that, if Bosch can make it real it is going to be a revolution in the automotive industry. Maybe an era which is safer for drivers and pedestrians.


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